Collaborative Configuration eases capture of client requirements at Vector

The collaboration with the Vector group opened up a new range of topics and a new branch: Vector is the first software developer that counts on our easyKAT® product which up to now has exclusively been used by clients from the manufacturing industry.

The Vector group based in Stuttgart develops worldwide with more than1600 staff software tools and components for the development of electronic systems and their connectivity, mainly for the automobile industry. easyKAT® Standard will standardize and expedite the capture of client requirements and with that the preparation of an offer.

Together with our clients we have used the introduction of the classic CPQ (Configure Price Quote) systems to develop a new collaborative approach in the sales configuration and integrated it into the standard product: Collaborative Configuration. The aim was to avoid media breaks, thereby eliminating sources for error.

In the traditional preparation of offers for complex systems like industrial products or in this case software systems, the process of coordination and planning is often time consuming and error-prone. Vector realized the necessity to avoid complications and errors which can occur when sales and client work together alternatively on the same product configuration.

The new Collaborative Configuration technology in easyKAT® makes it possible for both parties to use the web front-end of easyKAT® Standard CPQ systems whereby the enquiring client has a restricted view in comparison to that of the supplier's sales personnel. Our established work flow ensures that Vector is informed when the client makes changes. The client can "freeze" "his" configurations to create a reliable basis for the preparation of an order. The sales personnel has its own overviews of the latest open configurations mutually prepared with various clients.

You can order easyKAT® Collaborative Configuration as an optional plug-in module within the easyKAT® System in addition to an existing offer configurator from January 2017. We will gladly prepare an individual offer for you on request.