easyKAT® Configuration Server 2.5 released

We are pleased to announce the release of a completely revised and extended version of our Configuration Server.

easyKAT® Configuration Server is an expert on using dependencies on products for a variety of tasks. For example, configurators can be seamlessly integrated into customer-specific interfaces. Alternatively, the Configuration Server runs in the background of a multi-level configuration or complex machine design and generates the parts lists and routings.

Release 2.5 of the easyKAT® Configuration Server has been massively extended again on the basis of the projects carried out so far:

  • Universal API parameters can now be passed for all API functions.
  • Optionally, the caller can be authenticated via Basic Auth or JWT. This means that the configuration can also be made dependent on the calling user or user group.
  • New API endpoints allow configuration-dependent generation of print documents, optionally as native Word or PDF
  • New API endpoints allow the use of translations (multilingual texts) from the configurator for other client-side purposes as well
  • Extensions of the configuration state cover new control types from easyKAT® Standard 2.5

Last but not least, easyKAT® Configuration Server 2.5 also comes with a rendering engine for configurations. This can be seamlessly embedded into an application-specific browser view and covers the pure configurator part in it. The rendering engine is based on the client-side toolkit "React. js", which enables particularly fast updates of the page. This means that if the user makes a change to the configuration, in many cases the page will be updated so quickly that it is not even being noticed. The use of the rendering engine is of course not obligatory but optional, as part of the modular concept we pursue with  easyKAT® Configuration Server.

One of the first applications using easyKAT® Configuration Server 2.5 is the Voith Paper Webshop. The Configuration Server smoothly integrates classic configurations into an individually created web shop. Another pilot application is a graphical interactive configurator for control cabinets. Users can create their desired configuration using drag & drop. The configurability is ensured by the configuration logic and customer-specific prices are automatically calculated in the background. 

We look forward to testing together with you how easyKAT® Configuration Server can make your process chains more effective - please contact us!