easyKAT® Sales Cockpit supports your sales

Slim management of projects and offers

easyKAT® Sales Cockpit presents your clientele with a web based application which optimally supplements our easyKAT® Sales Configurator. With Sales Cockpit you are able to manage projects and offers prepared with your easyKAT® configurations. The user interface is self-explanatory according to the newest user interface standards, functioning in a responsive design. A slim work environment has been created for your sales team which is also ideally suited to mobile use.


Alternative or in addition to a CRM system

The advantages are quickly revealed: every co-worker directly sees "his" current offers and their relevant status. At a glance he has a quick overview of offers and configurations without the need to open them again in the configurator.

In this way you have a slim and economic alternative to a CRM system, even though the easyKAT® Sales Cockpit does not cover all areas of a CRM system: there is for instance no campaign management. The easyKAT® Sales Cockpit fits into a CRM system without any problems, for instance as specialized management of offers. It then forms an important component in sales and consulting where you offer complex products for which an adequate representation in CRM would be too time consuming.


Trouble-free: client specific adjustment

The easyKAT® Sales Cockpit is constructed in such a way that we can adjust it at any time to your specific requirements and individual workflows, for instance when releasing offers. Furthermore, a close integration into your IT landscape is possible, like the transfer of clients and addresses from Exchange or a CRM system, the transfer of data from ERP or the installation of offers and orders in ERP. In this way easyKAT® Sales Cockpit can function as interface between CRM and ERM.



Apart from two pilot projects, WABCOWÜRTH is one of the first to successfully have implemented easyKAT® Sales Cockpit. The specialist for vehicle diagnostic systems is a joint venture between the known enterprises WABCO and the Würth group. easyKAT® Standard is used here as an offer configurator to supply test and diagnostic installations to utility car workshops. For that, sales of WABCOWÜRTH needs comprehensive focused functions without a complex CRM system. Sales can call up configurations directly from the Sales Cockpit and transfer all data with the support of different configuration versions and variations. In addition there are graphic interpretations of offers and offer volumes. A sophisticated rights management controls access to offers and visibility for different departments and internal and external users reliably and precisely.

Tobias Vogel, project leader at WABCOWÜRTH comments: "Since introduction of the easyKAT® System our sales processes have become simpler and slimmer. We are using the system from product configuration to quotations and follow-up to passing on the orders to our sales controlling. The overview in the offer browser is transparent and the controlling of sales performance has improved."

The easyKAT® Sales Cockpit manifests itself as an easy to handle instrument to reliably manage client data, contacts and projects. We would like to demonstrate to you how it could support sales in your company.