N4 Group acquires stake in Plan Software GmbH


N4 Holding GmbH acquired a fifty percent interest in Plan Software by agreement dated April 16, 2018. "For us, the participation of N4 is a great strategic advantage," explains Michael Wille, one of the managing directors of Plan Software GmbH. "Together we can secure and strengthen the development of the company in the long term."

N4 managing director and co-owner Mesut Cengiz comments on the investment in Plan Software as "a sensible step towards diversification and access to other industries". 

N4 Group, based in Saarbrücken, is active in Europe, the USA, Canada, Asia and Australia. One of its focal points is the provision of high-performance e-commerce systems for customers in the automotive and medical technology sectors. It also has its own UI/UX team for the design and optimization of user interfaces.

Mesut Cengiz and Kevin Dewi, also co-owners of the N4 Group, will join Plan Software as additional managing directors in the course of the share acquisition.

Cengiz will primarily strengthen business development at Plan Software; Dewi, entrepreneur since 2001 and co-founder of one of the first social media platforms in Germany, will be responsible for the know-how exchange between the two companies and, together with Michael Wille, for project and product development.

Because of spatial proximity and usage of similar technologies both companies expect considerable synergies in the next years: N4 Group can benefit from Plan Software's experience in the areas of configuration, technical calculation and CAD / 3D graphics; conversely, Plan Software can use N4 Group's expertise in shop / e-commerce systems and cloud / IoT solutions to expand its own product range. It is also planned to expand the range of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions for easyKAT®. Together, both companies have more than 100 employees, so that even large projects can be reliably implemented without any problems.