Strategy workshop outdoors

On saturday, 30th of march 2015, Plan Software organized an internal conference concerning their product easyKAT. Director Axel Biewer and product manager Andreas Hüller introduced the new easyKAT Release 2.0.64 in the seminar rooms of the „Linslerhof“, an estate of the family „von Boch“. The 25 participants were informed about new technologies with the help of current customer applications and discussed about the strategic further development of the product.

Focuses of the event were...

  • New requirements in the field of the IT Security for Online-configurators ( keyword OWASP and certification)
  • The enlargement of the easyKAT product spectrum by an offer management as alternative to the classical CRM-connection
  • New mechanism of the configuration in easyKAT (Rule Repository, CFG States)


Strategieworkshop Axel Biewer