easyKAT® Standard

The easy way

Out of the box - finally!

easyKAT® Standard is a turnkey solution for the independent creation and maintenance of your own product configurators, which has a lot more than just a low price going for it.

The generation of error-free product specifications, quotes, order codes, and sales item lists, down to the generation of 3D models all form an essential part of this product's high standard. As does multilingual capability and compatibility with various platforms, from the internet to mobile devices. Against a backdrop of accelerating technological change and an ever-shortening product cycle, it has become crucial that technical sales is comprehensively capable of responding to new product developments and improvements, and a new version of the configurator can be created at any time.

If required, the easyKAT® Standard configurators can of course be installed by our own specialists, or by a partner company of  Plan Software.

easyKAT® Configuration Server

Seamless integration

Remotely callable from other systems

The easyKAT® configuration ­server allows the product configurator to be easily integrated into external systems. It is just the right product if you already use an ERP or CRM system, and wish to deploy a product configurator when subsequently generating a quote. Even if your business structure involves several subsidiaries and/or retailers who also wish to use your product configurator, or should you wish to operate an e-store to maintain an existing online presence, the easyKAT® configuration server gives you the greatest possible flexibility. It also ensures that the product configurator can be fully integrated into your existing implementation.

easyKAT® Enterprise Solution

To meet the highest demands

easyKAT® customized for you

It is possible to upgrade at any time from easyKAT® Standard to easyKAT® Enterprise Solution. The work you have already invested in the system, in particular all your existing data, will be fully utilized. easyKAT® Enterprise Solution comes into its own in situations where the highest demands are made on a user interface with an individual design, or where specific unusual capability is being implemented, tight integration with ERP or CRM systems is required, or where existing custom systems or databases are to be employed.