Product configurator

Our rule-based configurator is best for the selection and specification of technically complex products with several possible variants. You can add to and maintain the necessary product information with the easyKAT® product configurator. You can set up rules to specify which products can be constructed or assembled and which cannot. The dependencies are defined via modern and powerful description structures, such as positive and negative constraints. Your customer can compile complex product variants, enquire about and order the aforementioned configuration including all its components using a user-friendly dialog procedure.

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Quote software

When technical familiarity with and documentation of a product is of crucial importance, and your sales force should be able to quickly and accurately propose the optimal product for a specific usage scenario, all in a customer-friendly manner, that's when easyKAT® quote system is the preferred solution. The price calculation takes surcharges and reductions into account, as well as possible discounts for various versions and configurations of your product. A simple click will create a ready-to-print Word document. Tight connectivity with CRM and ERP systems guarantees seamless integration into your existing IT structures.

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Product catalogue

An intelligent product catalogue enables your customers to quickly find the right product and reliably guides your customers to the appropriate version. The easyKAT® product catalogue runs offline, on mobile devices as well as online through all mainstream browsers, and requires only modest requirements on your customer's hardware. After selecting suitable products, your customers can opt to view extensive documentation and CAD diagrams or CAD models, and also perform a product configuration if needed.

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Product Design Software

With easyKAT® design software your customer can quickly and easily configure a product variant which precisely suits their needs. Dynamically created diagrams and performance curves allows the customer to visualise the characteristics of even the most complex technical products. Parameters are specified to quickly and accurately compute the suitability and usage limitations. Technical design systems give you a clear advantage in digitally-based sales when it comes to service, customer advice, and direct contact with the customer. 

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Engineering calculation software

Even technical computations can be efficiently implemented in  easyKAT® solutions or – if the calculations already exist – be easily incorporated. The scripting language is easy to learn and very powerful, while easyKAT®'s plugin technologies opens up whole new paths to engineers and technical sales: for example characteristic curves and performance curves as well as computations for complete assemblies and life-cycle-cost calculations for your company's products can be implemented by yourself or by our own specialists. They can be published on the internet or offered as an app on mobile devices, to give your customers much added value, and enhance your image as a modern company which not only offers excellent products, but also customer-focused technical support - at all times and everywhere.

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Application software

easyKAT® application software puts the focus on your customers and their requirements on your product(s). The customer finds exactly the right product for their specific application quickly and surely, without having to first become familiar with the complete product range. Your customer no longer needs to state what their needs, but instead describes what they need it for - the specific application. The application database will return the appropriate solution within seconds.

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CAD catalogue

Provide your customers with 2D diagrams and 3D models with the click of a mouse. Enhance your product catalogue with the added value which close customer contact brings with it. And use this service to customers, to give yourself a clear competitive edge in your sector. The easyKAT® CAD catalogue allows your customers to make use of CAD drawings and 3D models in their own projects, with a choice of native and exchange formats. Your products will be purchased because they will already have been considered in the project planning phase.

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